Tubular Pressure Testing
The Positive Test For All Kinds Of Leaks


Ultra-sensitive compound gauge records the loss of only a few drops of water.  This is a positive test for all kinds of tubing and casing leaks.

Hydro-Test retains its column of fluid throughout the complete testing operation, carrying the column of fluid from test to test.

If necessary, two sets of tools can be used to test the main string and a side string at the same time.  For example, 2-7/8" and 2-1/16".


Quick change "O" ring pin can be couple or uncoupled in a matter of seconds, and provides a positive seal under pressure.

Packer cups set only with testing fluid, therefore there is little or no possibility of air being trapped in the testing column.

Hydro-Test completely tests any length stand - single, double, or triple - in its made-up position pressure to 15,000 P.S.I.

Tubing can be tested while running in or coming out.

The tool is left in the tubing after a test, while the next member in the tubing string is being made up.

If repairs to the tubing are necessary, the Hydro-Test tool assembly may be tripped, lowered to any given depth, and re-set, leaving it stand free and unobstructed for repairs.