Power Thread Cleaning Service
The All In One-Thread Cleaning System


Compact, Lightweight And Portable
On The Rack, In The Pipe Yard Or On The Rig Floor.

Versatility And Performance

The TUBETEST (P.T.C.) Power Thread Cleaner is a convenient, ruggedly designed, light weight and performance proven system for cleaning all types and sizes of threaded connections in preparation for inspection and make-up.  P.T.C.'s special brush and solvent system does a thorough cleaning job in 5 to 15 seconds per thread.  All dirty solvent is completely collected, filtered and recycled.  There is no chance for spillage on the rig floor or in the ocean, making the P.T.C an environmentally safe system.  The complete recovery of solvent makes the P.T.C. a safer and cleaner operation from the operator's point of view.  The lightweight design reduces operator fatigue and increases production.

As we do your tubetesting while running in the hole, the compact testing unit with self powered thread cleaners provides you with positive pin and box thread cleaning where it should be done; - on the rig floor, just before make-up!  This avoids thread contamination after cleaning, while awaiting make-up.  If you prefer cleaning done on the racks, the TUBETEST P.T.C. system is ideal!

When operating the P.T.C. on a rig floor or rack, the only power required is your rig air supply.  The absence of electrical power requirements, in favor of pneumatic power, has obvious safety advantages.  The operation of the P.T.C., in a pipe yard also requires air power and we can furnish an air compressor with the unit; should there be no air available in the yard.  Rod thread cleaning is especially easy with the TUBETEST P.T.C. because our extremely lightweight cleaning head can be hand held without support systems.  This makes thread cleaning on the rig floor, just before make-up, very practical.  Rod cleaning on the rack is just as simple and efficient.

Premium Connection Protection

In compliance with the recommendations and specifications of premium joint manufacturers; the TUBETEST P.T.C. is equipped to prevent any metal contact with precision metal seal areas.  This protection is accomplished by soft pipe guides, which prevent stabbing damage to the seal area while a soft bumper pad inside the P.T.C. head, protects the end of the pin connections.  If it is felt that our standard wire brushes are too abrasive for your particular application, optional nylon brushes are available.

Since thread inspection requires clean threads, the TUBETEST POWER THREAD CLEANER is the obvious choice for use before thread inspection or make-up and testing.