The Glutton
Combination Drilling Tool and
Sand Pump

A Patent Tool that has been proven in the field
Patent no. 3,003,562

Here is the most efficient combination drilling tool and sand pump in the field.  It incorporates the use of the most positive valve action ever developed, through high fluid velocities, to draw grindings up into the barrel.  Discharges into open air at the wellhead.

The Glutton can be used in high-pressure territories and run under a blowout preventer and lubricator.

It's custom-made to work with a variety of shoes for heavy-duty drilling of cast iron plugs, cast iron production packers, cement retainers, and in clearing sand from bottom hole.

It requires no special surface equipment except a sand line and an ordinary well-servicing unit.

The Dual Purpose Glutton


As a drilling tool, the Glutton Sand Pump is unexcelled in breaking through and drilling out cast iron bridging plugs and production packers, cement retainers and other tough materials.

The bit is made of specially-selected 4130 alloy steel heat-treated to 290 Brinell hardness.  Above the bit is the most efficient valve action in the industry.

Sand Pump

Its weight - combined with a specially-designed flat bottom shoe - enables the Glutton Sand Pump to penetrate quickly to remove frac sand, river sand and similiar foreign materials.  Special flapper valve design permits passage and retention of the most finely-pulverized sands.


The Glutton Sand Pump is economical to use.  It requires no expensive surface equipment.  Any ordinary well-servicing rig is sufficient.